Welcome to the website of J&M Sewing Service Ltd.

In fact our revised website is still currently under construction, and therefore not fully functional - so for the moment we hope you will get in touch with us by telephone or by email so that we can attend to your requirements.

Telephone +44 (0) 191 232 9589

Fax +44 (0) 191 230 1215

General Email Address : jandmsewing@btconnect.com

We hope that our website will very soon be fully functional again, but the old website was set up some 10 years ago, using technology that is now out-dated, and in order to keep up with advances in web-site technology we felt we had no option but to commission a completely new website, using more up-to-date internet technology. My Customer Service colleagues will be pleased to process Orders for you and answer any questions you may have (by telephone or email) - as of course most of the orders and enquiries we receive still come to us by telephone, email or post. If you're used to ordering via our website, I apologise for any inconvenience this change may cause in the short term - but of course we continue to retain information about all previous orders here in our office, where each individual Customer's Orders are stored in paper form, in their individually numbered personal files.

Stephen Wroe